Kentax UHV equipment
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9-cell-evaporator 4-cell-evaporator 3-cell-evaporator cooling tank and sealing flange retractable evaporator with bellows evaporator with cooling and three cells dedicated power supply for 9 cells

Overview UHV Evaporators

The 3-4-9 cell UHV Evaporators TCE (Temperature Controlled Evaporator) are ideally suited to the evaporation of organic substances (30 °C - 850 °C) from the sub monolayer regime to continuous films. Temperature control, cooling and shutter guarantee a defined and reproducible film growth.

UHV Evaporators come in different versions:

The table shows the standard versions. To accomodate different needs the evaporators are available in different lengths, with different flanges and different configuration.

Type Cells Cooling Shutter
3 yes yes
TCE-S 4 no yes
TCE-SC 3 yes yes
4 no yes
TCE-SC 9 yes yes
3D-Views - Evaporators in working position and retracted (PDF-Files open in a new window)
TCE in working position TCE retracted TCE short in working position
with optional corner valve
TCE short retracted
with optional corner valve

Typical mounting of a TCE-BSC evaporator:

To avoid working with aperture crucibles the evaporator should be mounted below the sample. The drawing show the evaporator in withdrawn position (left side). In this position the evaporator can be disconnected from the gate valve or pumped down by the corner valve after exchanging the material. The drawing right shows the operating position.

For head-down operation use aperture crucibles.

Product Details

z-travel unit

This unit allows the changing of evaporation substances via a UHV gate valve DN 40 (not included) without breaking the system vacuum. Usually the bellow`s stroke is 170 mm but other lengths are available. Furthermore, the bellows allow a variable distance between crucible and sample.


The cooling tank (water or LN 2) enables the cooling of the evaporator's head and saves it from unwanted temperatures. Typically, the evaporator with three independent heater elements contains the cryostat. The 4-cell evaporator has an additional heater element instead of the cryostat.


Our shutter is a rotating plate with 4 holes. It can be turned by a rotary feed through in the rear flange. According to the angle of rotation, the holes in the plate open one, two or three crucibles.

Short Version

In case of being too long, the total length of the standard evaporator can be reduced by a short Spherical Hexagon to the total length of 380 mm.

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