Kentax UHV equipment
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UHV Evaporator TCE-BSC

Fig 1: Evaporator TCE-BSC standard version
(420 mm) with additional pump down valve (170 mm stroke)

The 3-cell evaporator with cooling (water or liquid nitrogen) is the most ordered evaporator of Kentax.


Data sheets

The following data sheets show temperature curves of one driven heater element whereas the other two elements are not heated but recorded in their temperature. From these diagrams you can see how long a crucible can be heated before the neighboring crucible (with its material) reaches the maximum allowed temperature.

The curves also show that if preparation cycles are finished within 5-10 min, you need not any cooling of the cryostat in most cases of material choice. For example, the neighboring crucible No. 2 rises in temperature to 85°C if heater No. 1 is heated to 350 °C for 30 minutes without cooling flow (second diagram and fourth single diagram below).

Note: Without cooling, there was still an ongoing increase in temperature a few minutes after heating of the crucible had been stopped.

When using water for cooling (about 0.1l/min) you don't have this effect (see first diagram).

with cooling
  without cooling

Temperature curves from 50 - 950 °C cooled (left diagram) and uncooled (right diagram). For operation at high temperatures (850°C, 950°C) we recommend the evaporator with additional internal shielding.

50 °C
  150 °C
  250 °C
  350 °C
450 °C

  550 °C
  650 °C
  750 °C
  850 °C
  950 °C

Temperature curves cooled/uncooled at different final temperatures from T set value 50 °C, 150 °C , 250 °C, 350 °C, 450 °C, 550 °C and only cooled value 650 °C, 750°C, 850°C and 950°C. Power requirements are reduced by internal shielding (17.7W at 750°C, 24W at 850°C, and 36W at 950°C).

PDF-File: All data sheets in one PDF file: data-sheets-kentax.pdf (new window)

Special short version (380 mm length outside of the chamber)

Fig 3: Evaporator TCE-BSC special short version (380 mm) on customers request (170 mm stroke)

TCE-SC (3 - cell + cooling + shutter)

The TCE-SC evaporator is equipped with a shutter and a cooling tank.

This version is firmly mounted to the UHV-Chamber but can easily be upgraded by a z-travel unit.

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