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MBE-LEED Animations and References

The MBE-LEED based on a conventional LEED system enables the preparation of layer systems under UHV conditions and LEED measurement to be carried out simultaneously. Thus, it becomes possible to observe and document the growth behavior of molecular layers in situ.

LEED images of coronene on Ag(110)

Suggested real-space model for the superstructures of coronene on Ag(110) (a) shows the initial and final states of superstructure I and (b) the incompressible superstructure II reflecting the twofold symmetry of the substrate.

LEED images of perylene on Ag(110)

Real-space configuration of the two superstructures of perylene on Ag(110). (a) Intermediate and (b) final superstructure. The curved arrows indicate that molecules can rotate freely.

LEED images of DCNQI

Real-space model of the two major structures and their precursor and final state respectively. The unit vectors were obtained from LEED and STM data, the orientations of the molecules were taken from STM images only.

LEED images of coronene on Au(111)

Suggested real-space model of the 4.3 X 4.3 superstructures (a) and the compression into a commensurate structure (b).

LEED images of perylene on Au(110)

Real-space model of the first observed 4 X a2 structure (a) and its compression in the [1-10] direction and the final structure (b).

Further information:

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** Growing process and compressed phase of DMe-DCNQI on Ag(110) observed in the monolayer regime by LEED, XPS and STM
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