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e-Beam Heater

The e-beam heater with a head made from Molybdenum allows heating of samples up to 2500 K. The intermediate disk allows transfer as used in the Omicron manipulator system. Inside the filament chamber, tungsten sheets cover the isolators to prevent coating from the filament. This leads to an extension of lifetime.

Instead of Al2O3 isolators the e-beam heater can be mounted with sapphire isolators.

Such isolators improve the dielectric strength.

e-beam heater mounted on 100mm stroke z-travel unit. Intermediate disk allows transfer with Omicron manipulator system

Detailed view of the head

e-beam heater on a manipulator with sample

heater in detail

Heating cycle starting from room temperature up to 2000 °C.
From image 4 to 8 high voltage is applied. Image 9 to 14 show the constant decrease in temperature.