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UHV-Power-Supplies and Crucibles

The Control Unit

Each power supply contains microprocessor controlled PID circuits and final analog electronics that easily limit the output. The second circuit is useful for saving the material and the UHV system and compensate the characteristic curve of the heater element. Power supplies are available for all evaporators (simple- and double-driving for 3, 4 and simple- driving for 9 heater elements).

Power Supplies for driving of 3, 4 and 9 heaters

TCE-power supply 1 in three configurations

Power Supplies for driving of 2 heaters at the same time

TCE-power supply 2 in the two configurations

We offer various power supplies housed in a standard 19" rack with one (two) programmable microprocessors with (optional) and without RS485 interface.

Front panel meters are used to monitor the heating currents, which can be limited by hand-operated potentiometers.

Therefore two Knudsen cells can operate independently at the same time. (TCE power supply 2).


Due to the very low degassing of quartz glass, we recommend crucibles of this material for very pure preparation. Aperture crucibles must be used if the evaporator is mounted horizontal or pointing downwards. The aperture crucible can be used in head-down position for the layer deposition on horizontal surface with masks. Evaporators in head-down configuration are sold since 2004.

We offer aluminum crucibles if a lower gradient of temperature is needed (preparation of multilayer).

Quartz crucible without and with aperture

40.00 EUR / 60.00 EUR

Aluminium crucible 99.999% purity

85.00 EUR