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UHV Preparation Chamber

Versatile UHV-system for preparation and examination of ultra-thin layers.

The conception consists of a single UHV-chamber (203mm tube) with two Lock In Systems optionally (CF 35 size and CF 100 size).

The possible preparation methods vary according to the design of the sample holder and the mounted instruments.

The layout of flanges at the main chamber allows preparation methods like:

and investigations like:

Main UHV-Chamber

Main chamber side view
The main chamber consists of 17 flanges (CF 38-CF 150) mostly welded close to the chamber. This allows a proper ergonomic use (wide angle view) and an easy reuse of the chamber.

Some flanges have defined functions like no. 8 (Wobble Stick), no. 10 (pumping) whereas others can be used for various preparations (like no. 13, 15, 16).

Typical assembly variations

4.1 Basic System (layer deposition for examination in air)

Basic configuration in which the sample can be moved axially to different preparation/investigation positions. The sample can be removed through flange 17 (blue hachured area) by extended manipulator rod while the chamber is vented. Sample size has to be < 63 mm.

The chamber only needs a main turbo pump, a rotary vane pump and a magnetic coupled manipulator rod with an extended stroke (600 mm) because the sample exchange position takes place outside the chamber. This basic configuration enables you to work under a good High Vacuum condition but not UHV.

4.2 Basic UHV-system with small Lock In chamber

UHV-Chamber with Lock In chamber and fixed sample position for preparation/examination. A Wobble Stick is used for positioning the sample. Inside the chamber there is enough space for different stations (vapor deposition station, heating station e.g. up to 2500 K, sample storing station).

This basic configuration enables you to work under a good Ultra High Vacuum condition. This configuration is also suitable for a combined AFM/STM through flange 12. The main turbo pump can be combined with a titanium sublimation pump. This system can be enhanced by the manipulator from the system in 4.1.

4.3 UHV-System for big semiconductor samples (20mm x 30mm)

UHV-system for unusual and big samples. The axial manipulator enables sample positions at each working stage. This configuration allows working under restricted UHV conditions (10-9 mbar regime) due to venting the manipulator using the Lock-In system. The time getting UHV pressure can be shortened by using a heat-out-tent with external heatings, an internal heating inside the lock chamber and an additional heating of the manipulator. The main pump can be combined with a titanium sublimation pump and the FN2 cooling tank.

4.4 Full System (two Lock In chambers)

The complete preparation chamber contains the two Lock In systems that allow working with different samples from 10 mm x 10 mm to < 100 mm AD). It mainly depends on the manipulator configuration how to work with the system. A manipulator head with several small samples (with different heating treatments) can be realized as well as a large sample version.


This small UHV chamber system for preparation and examination in Ultra High Vacuum condition has a broad field of application.

According to this wide range of applications, the production costs vary from economy-priced variants to higher priced but reasonable fully equipped systems.

The system is designed for expandability, easy reuse and ergonomics.

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